Rental terms


The booking is confirmed by sending the customer an order confirmation; if the confirmation is erroneous in any way, the customer is required to correct the error before the order is carried out. Otherwise the order is carried out as per order confirmation.

For machines and equipments is paid by cash or card payment when machine is delivered or accessory is picked up. For the contract customers billing 14 days net.

In machine rental, the machine is delivered to the customer with the fuel tank full and when the machine is picked up, the tank must be full of fuel. Otherwise, we charge the fuel.

Avant 200 –series: 25€ / machine

Avant 400-600 –series: 55€ / machine

Kramer 750: 100 € / machine

The Avant machine rental includes a 20l fuel canister for no extra charge. If the canister is not full of fuel when the machine is picked up, we charge 45€(include vat.) for the fuel.

The Avant machine rental includes transportation within 15 km of our places of business, for longer distances we charge 3€/km. We charge the kilometres only for bringing the machine.

Identity must be proved before renting.


If the customer wants to cancel a booking, it must be done 2 days before the time of rental. Otherwise, we charge a 100€(include vat.) cancellation fee.


The Lessor is responsible for repair expenses due to normal wear of the equipment. The Lessor is not liable for possible indirect or direct expenses or damages caused to the Renter by the use or breaking of the equipment.


The Renter is liable to indemnify for damages of the rented equipment and expenses due to negligence or careless handling and defective maintenance during the rental period. The renter is liable to indemnify equipment that has been destroyed or lost during the rental period according to its real value.


The rental machine has been insured by the Lessor. The deductible of the customer is 800€.

The Lessor shall deliver the rental machine to the location indicated by the Renter and fetch the rental machine at the agreed time. The Renter is not entitled to transport the machine and move it to another work site unless it has been expressly agreed on when renting the equipment.

The Renter has been given induction in the control devices of the rental machinery and the Renter together with the Lessor has discussed the possible risk situations.

All prices are inclusive current VAT.